Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sorry for the Delay

Since I've had this blog I've never taken so long to write a post well here goes it's a big one. 
Our boat

 Bob on Monday with his silver salmon. He went out in the boat with friend Dee. They catch salmon, halibut, and rock fish.

We decided to move the coop to use the former dog pen for the chickens. The coop weights several hundred pounds and we tried several ways to haul it and in the end had to just muscle it along. We got it moved and covered with a fish net to keep out the eagles, owls and goshawks. I sold 6 of my hens as planned. I made sure they got good homes too. These chickens are so tame. As it turns out one of them is a rooster who has recently been sick but yesterday he pulled out of it and is back to normal after a week. He is the sweetest rooster so far.

On to what is going on in the craft room

A dress Autumn made.

Above Autumn my student made a wall hanging for her Mom for Christmas. She has since added a black border and binding.
Next are all things I've made for Christmas projects to give away to friends and family. 

The Sandhill cranes stayed here with two 'colts' until August 1st. We had people staying in the cottage that day and I think they didn't like them there and just up and left. The only problem was one of the colts was not ready to fly yet and the three of them just flew off and left her. Here you can see her sitting waiting and watching for them. Poor thing had to wait 11 days until they returned and got her. 
Below is a video of when they returned. They come back to visit off and on and are flocking up now with the other cranes to make that long migration to central CA. in mid September. 

The fat moose twins visited us all summer. 

Bob picking raspberries at a friends. I put up 40 1/2 pints of jam this summer which was peach, apricot, blueberry, and raspberry.
The boys say sorry for the delay in posting. Their Mom has been busy. Pan had surgery on a lump under his chin which turned out to be an abscess. The vet found grass seeds in there. The two of them eat grass like cows which isn't all that good. I try to stop them but am not successful all the time.
*A report on the pheasant we raised and let loose at 6 weeks. They migrated up this subdivision and are still around higher up I get reports on them in a flock of 20.

I'm going to Paris and parts in-between Normandy next week. So I'll be posting about that next.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The yellow chicks at three weeks are Buff Orpingtons and the other one is the Golden Laced Wyandotte. They are now going on 6 weeks old. The pheasant are 7 weeks and been released and doing well for one week now.
I just counted 20 pheasants at the feeder. We released 25 so this is pretty good to have them stay here a week. They range out during the day then turn up in the evening to eat at the feeder I have for them.

The real and not real above. 
The cranes turned up here after the father crane was here for a month alone then gone two weeks (when eggs hatched) and showed up June 21st with the two colts. The parents spend most of their time feeding the chicks worms they dig.
Our resident eagle came down to the pond. We also have these Gray Jay's coming down to check out the pheasant chicks. 
My daughter is visiting and I'll be going back on the ferry with her to help her out with some projects over on Kodiak. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Chanel, Chicks, Coops, and Summer in Homer

Long time since I blogged thanks for visiting.
 Here is my second Chanel jacket finished. I never did put trim over the velvet ribbon I may yet or not. This jacket is a simpler pattern and took around 36 hours to make
This was taken June 14th my 73rd birthday at the Farmer's Market. We were checking out the booth that we operate during the season for selling raffle tickets on the museum quilt. 
 It has been a beautiful summer so far with very warm temps and sunny days however as I type this it's high winds up to 40mph tonight and rain. It comes and goes.
 The chicken coop being moved by our friend the easy way. Bob built it in the garage and then 5 weeks later it was moved out to the spot it will stay. The chickens are still in the garage and the pheasant are in the coop. However they are shut inside as if I let them out they can't get back in. They will be released this weekend at 6 weeks old. Pheasant I have found out are difficult to raise. My friends doing it here in Homer are finding out the same thing. 

 Above are the chicks at various stages and below the pheasant before being moved out to the coop. 
For pheasant I have 25 now. Chicks I have 15 and some really beautiful breeds. I have two Golden Laced Wyandottes, two Barred Rocks, two Buff Orpingtons, 4 Dominique's, and 5 Easter Eggers. I will keep only half of these as I have subdivision rules to adhere to. The chicks are no problem I wish I could say that for the pheasant. 
 Out to the beach on my birthday at a low tide.
The boys say Hi and they are doing well. Kalen is a real bird interested dog but Pan can take them or leave them. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Chanel's and other things

 A lot has been going on this month. Here I am with the boys on Easter Sunday wearing my first Chanel jacket I made for the very first time in fact. The skirt of linen had to be made since the other one was small by 2" in the waist, yes I have gained 10 pounds which puts me out of almost all my custom made to fit clothes. I'm not wearing glasses as I've had eye surgery the last two Mondays for cataracts and now have perfect vision. 

The boys here are showing the new toy auction win from Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue in AZ. It's all Pan's Kalen does not touch it at all.

A little Easter bunny I made for a friend.

My second Chanel jacket as it sits at this point in time. No trim yet and the sleeves are not in. I will be picking up work on this now that all my students are back from their trips and start this week and I'm done with my eye surgeries.
Chickens and pheasant chicks are in our future as Bob is building my chicken coop and we are expecting a shipment of pheasant May 1st. The pheasant will be raised and released here.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter Crafting

As you can see I've been Easter crafting.
 Made this machine cover by a tut on a blog I found 
Also made three chicken place mats
 My grandson on spring break in Las Vegas with his Mom and Uncle/Aunt. He turned 21 and is a Junior at UAF. 

The boys Pan turned 5 on the right asking questions with his eyes.

A mama moose with good sized twins in the yard last night. We've having our pond enlarge tomorrow with a small island made in it before the Sandhill cranes arrive. 

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